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Estate Planning / Probate - Planning for the future and taking care of your loved ones

Estate Planning and Probate


Estate Planning

It is easy to procrastinate when it comes to making sure that you have the proper estate planning documents in place. However, taking the steps to get the appropriate documents prepared and executed can ensure that you no longer have have to worry if your wishes will be followed out or if your loved ones will be taken care of.

As part of your estate plan, our team can help you employ gifting strategies to take advantage of annual and lifetime gifting exclusion amounts, to protect family vacation properties or to transfer other wealth to further reduce tax liability for taxable estates. Our attorneys are familiar with a wide range of trusts and tools to accomplish all of your estate planning goals.

The Ohio estate planning lawyers at Dahlberg, Stanley & Foderetti, LLC, work closely with clients to understand their goals and concerns, and ensure they have everything in order. For an evaluation of your estate planning needs, arrange for a free consultation today.


Probate can be costly, time-consuming and complex. At Dahlberg, Stanley & Foderetti, LLC, the members of our team strive for efficient and cost-effective settling of estates and trusts. We are sensitive to conflicts within families, aiming for practical and confidential resolution over divisive and sometimes public battles in probate court.